About Wiley

Wiley is a global provider of knowledge and knowledge-enabled services across all three of its businesses, namely Global Research, Professional Development and Global Education. Across all three of its businesses, Wiley has built strong partnerships with the world's leading institutions, companies and societies to provide must-have learning solutions for knowledge and knowledge-enabled services that improve outcomes in areas of research, professional practice and education.

Wiley International Certification: The Most Powerful Global Proof of Job Readiness and Professional Competence

With a vision to massively improve lives of people through technology-enabled education and professional development opportunities, Wiley aims to become the career life cycle partner of learners as well as help organizations transform successfully by developing each individual with world-class and effective knowledge and skill-building solutions.

In keeping with this vision, Wiley has always been responsive to assessing the evolving requirements of its customers and creating content and learning programs that are the need of the hour.

The unique programs such as Wiley International Certifications, Purdue Next, CrossKnowlegdge, ITPro.tv and various finance and accounting learning programs are steps in this direction, which seek to bridge the gap between current academic education and industry requirements, and make students and professionals job-ready.

Complete training-assessment-certification solution packages

Designed and developed by industry-experts and training veterans, these courses follow a recommended curriculum based on extensive global research on job roles, and requirements of potential candidates and hiring managers. These programs are outcome-oriented and aim at transferring maximum skill in minimum time. The project work, assessments and final evaluation included at the end of the course ensure that the participants develop the relevant skills, and achieve the competency level desired. The programs also offer participants to opt for the globally recognized Wiley International Certification to validate their skills.

Engaged and involved learning is facilitated with various media-rich resources

Ideal For:

Individual self-paced learning solutions

Corporate training and pre-hiring solutions

Embedded academic programs