Making Stress Your Friend during CPA Exam Preparation

You are about to take your CPA exam and you are stressed. This stress has an important role to play and can be converted into a positive, if you understand where it comes from.

From the exam

Fearing the exam is a common cause of stress. There will always be some parts that you cannot prepare, but it should not discourage you. Pick the right material for your preparation, practice the problems, use plenty of test banks and mock tests for additional practice, analyse your performance and rectify the mistakes made. Use the CPAExcel Exam Planner to plan your preparation ahead, depending on the time you have available. In addition, if you are worried about things you cannot control, your stress is likely to grow. Instead, focus on the things that you can control including your preparation, your rest time, and your overall health.

From your family

It is likely that when you prepare for your exam, you fear letting your family down or not spending quality time with them. Know that your family cares for you and that they will do anything to help you. So do not alienate yourself during preparation. Collaborate with them to get ideas on better preparation. In addition, request them to help you as your study buddies. Make sure that during this crucial time, you show your appreciation.

From your friends

Your friends can be your lifeline during some major crises but it is likely that you will spend less time with them now. Sit with them during your planning phase and help them understand your goals, what the CPA exam means to you, and what they can expect. In addition, you can apologize for your late replies through automated messages. Most friends will understand why a certain project is important to you. So don’t forget to show your gratitude to them.

From your colleagues

If you are a working professional, the workplace can become a source of stress during your preparation period. The chances are that some of your colleagues may also be taking the CPA exam along with you. There is tough competition and this environment can cause difficulties, raised anxiety levels, and pressure. While some employers understand your personal/professional goals, do not expect that they will treat you any different for the same. At the same time, you could find yourself amidst peer pressure challenging you. Even within the best working environment, it is possible that colleagues understand you and share your work. If this is the case for you, you will have to find support elsewhere, depending on your friends and family.

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