CPA’s are the black-belt ninjas in the arena of accounting. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the highest order of accounting certification with the widest scope in the professional world. Consequently, it is not an easy task to overcome the challenges of the CPA Exam. A candidate has to spend a considerable amount of man-hours to be recognized as a chartered public accountant. But being a CPA has multiple benefits as listed below – 


  • Career Security:


           The growing popularity of the Internet in the ’90s has created a significant rise in the generation of IT Jobs. In 2002, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was brought into action which increased the need for qualified CPAs for enforcing higher standards in corporate-public accounting. Since then, CPA professionals have risen in demand.


  • Higher Compensation Packages:


            The compensation packages for CPA professionals are comparatively higher than the rest. Accounting with a CPA license draws a median salary of $73, 800, whereas the top salaries reach upto $1,24,000. On an average, CPA professionals earn 10-15 percent more than accountants without a CPA license.  


  • Wider Functional Areas:


            CPAs are proficient in a wider range of skill sets than their fellow colleagues. CPAs serve diverse finance or operations positions like CEO, CFO, Finance Manager, Financial Analyst, and Business Consultant.


  • Higher Credibility:


            To lay exclusive emphasis on corporate accountability, organizations rely on CPAs to maintain the financial integrity of their companies. CPA professionals are held in high esteem and honoured in peripheral business fields. On the other hand, CPAs who have started their own firms lend credibility to people by providing them with better solutions for their accounting and financial problems.


  • Indispensable:


            A CPA is indispensable in every organization, maintaining a sound financial status of their companies. In countries like the United States, only CPAs can perform audits and manage public accounts, which has led them to become one of the most in-demand careers of the world.


How to start preparing for a CPA career?

            Joining an online course is extremely beneficial for CPA exam preparations. Wiley Online Training provides comprehensive study materials and practice questions to help you acquire detailed knowledge of the topics covered in the CPA exam. 

            At Wiley, courses are planned and designed by Industry experts to provide you with better understanding and flexibility to plan own study schedules. A strategic approach to cover Wiley’s Study materials will certainly help you to crack the CPA exam.


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