Are you an aspirant for CPA exam 2018? Then, you are in the right place to get acquainted with the new updates of this exam. No needs to get twitchy as the concerned details are well described below to avoid any kind of obscurity.

The US Congress passed Tax Cut and Jobs Act in Dec of 2017 which has brought a number of changes to upcoming REG section of the CPA exam.

Need clear guidelines to appear for the REG exam in 2018?

Due to tax updates, the three versions of tax laws will be tested on CPA exam throughout the year. Below are different windows to take the REG exam.

  1. Regulation in Quarter 2 of 2018 – It would be preferable if you go with the content of 2017 tax laws which you are familiar with and have already learnt from the academic curriculum. This will give you a greater chance to nail it.
  2. Regulation in Quarter 3/Quarter 4 of 2018 – If you are not ready to take REG in Q2, then evaluate your understanding of the 2017 tax laws. If it’s moderate, then take the REG section in quarter 3 of 2018. It will test 2018 tax law but it will not include the changes from the new tax law. It is not very different from 2017 law and doesn’t require much new information to learn. Even if you are not successful in Q3, you can opt to go for Q4.
  3. Regulation in Quarter 1 of 2019 – If you want to get well versed with laws and need more time to prepare, the exam in Q1 of 2019 will test 2018 tax law including the new tax law.

Therefore, you can choose the best time to take regulation over a 12 month time period.

It would be wise to dive into your preparation and also check your knowledge with the latest changes. The Wiley CPAexcel provides study materials which have been fully updated for upcoming exams in 2018.

Learn How & What to study for REG exam?

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