Thinking of Becoming a Financial Analyst?

Have You Been Thinking of Becoming a Financial Analyst?

Then, CFA or the Chartered Financial Analyst credential is for you. A CFA professional is a financial and investment professional, who has completed the program, meets requirements of the profession, and has cleared three levels of examinations. Upon completion, the candidate receives the “CFA Charter” and becomes a “CFA Charter Holder”. It takes anywhere between […]

Five Reasons Why Wiley’s CFA Exam Review Course is for You

Are you preparing for the CFA exam? If yes, here are five reasons why you should consider Wiley’s CFA course: Bite-Sized Lessons: The bite-sized lessons are designed to help students and professionals who need an efficient learning method. The mini-lessons include flashcards, proficiency questions, task-based simulations, and crucial text. You will also have opportunities to keep […]

How Long Should I Prepare for My CPA Exam?

How many hours should I study for the CPA exam?” This is among the most common questions asked by CPA aspirants. Experts say that roughly 400 hours of preparation is mandatory to score well. But, the time needed by an individual is bound to vary under circumstances. Different variables affect individuals differently and will determine […]

How Sabrina aced her CPA Exam in the first attempt and won the Elijah Watt Sells Award?

Strong confident woman Chu Bing Sabrina McMullin, originally from Singapore, received the 2016 Elijah Watt Sells Award after passing all four sections of the CPA Exam on her first attempt with a cumulative average score above 95. Sabrina earned her China CPA in 2001 and worked for five years for the Singapore office of KPMG. […]

Here are five study hacks to help you get ready the right way.

The Level I CFA exam can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned financial analysts. Being prepared required hundreds of hours of study and structured review. Here are five study hacks to help you get ready the right way. 1. Start Early (Earlier Than You Think!) Successful CFA candidates study, in general, at least 300 to […]

Making Stress Your Friend during CPA Exam Preparation

You are about to take your CPA exam and you are stressed. This stress has an important role to play and can be converted into a positive, if you understand where it comes from. From the exam Fearing the exam is a common cause of stress. There will always be some parts that you cannot […]