The CPA examination is a tough nut to crack. Each of the four parts is equally difficult and needs dollops of hard work and commitment from the candidate. Alone, the preparation journey could be strenuous but with a partner like Wiley Online Training, you can make it fruitful and successful.

Challenges You Will Face

Following are the set of challenges you might encounter in your quest to clear the CPA:

  • Time Management: The syllabus for the exam is vast but the time is limited. Some students struggle with fitting the syllabus into their daily schedules and are not able to optimize the available time. This stands true especially for working professionals who have to strike a balance between work and studies.
  • Weak Areas: The four sections of the exam, namely Auditing and Attestation (AUD), Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), Regulation, and Business Environment Concepts (BEC), contain various sub-topics. One cannot be proficient in each one of them and may find some of them to be uninteresting or difficult to tackle. For example – You may find it easier to learn the conceptual parts of BEC, like Economic Concepts and Corporate Governance, but struggle with Financial Modeling and Management, and Operations Management which employ calculations and reasoning.
  • Lack of Surety: Despite having adequate knowledge and studying for long hours, you may find yourself uncertain about the exam. This happens to the best of people and reflects the complicated nature of the exam. A look at the pass rates is enough to confirm this fact. The pass percentage ranges between 46-59% for individual sections (as per AICPA).
  • Difficulty in Retention: Students find it difficult to memorize the humongous amount of information in the syllabus. While all four sections have a seemingly unlimited amount of data, FAR is considered the most extensive. It requires a strong knowledge of the US GAAP and entails knowing the entire structure and functioning of the financial system. This translates to tons of facts and figures which may be difficult to remember.
  • Limited Time Period of Online Courses: Most courses that are available online, expire once you have appeared for a CPA exam. This means the added pressure of clearing it or having to pay a hefty course fee again.

Dealing With The Challenges

All these challenges can easily be tackled if you have a mentor to help you navigate through the preparation period. At Wiley Online Training, we have identified these grey areas and crafted a superb course that offers an impeccable solution to all the above problems.

Here is how you can overcome these obstacles with Wiley:

  • Study Planner: Making a timetable and sticking to it is the best way to optimize time utilization. Divide the syllabus into parts and decide the number of hours to be devoted to each topic as well as hours of study to be put in each day. Make a realistic plan as per your capabilities. If you are a Wiley student, you will receive a personalized exam planner that charts out your preparation course and takes care of this issue.

There is also a mobile app which keeps track of your progress and allows you to access the content from anywhere, in both online and offline modes. This way, you can carry on with your studies wherever you go!

  • Emphasis on Conceptual Clarity: Your weak areas can easily be targeted if you have a clear understanding of the topics. The Wiley Online Training CPA course solves this problem by offering interactive online sessions with accredited university professors to clear your doubts. The video lessons are drafted in a unique bite-sized format that is easy to comprehend and offers a better understanding.
  • Prominence to Practice: The sure-shot way to remember all the information is to practice religiously. Taking mock tests that simulate the actual exam, solving practice questions, adoption mnemonics and tricks are some of the ways to aid retention. Wiley CPA addresses this matter by providing students with more than 6000 CPA exam questions, quiz sessions, over 300 task-based simulations, and 4000+ digital flashcards that contain tricks and shortcuts. There is no way you can forget anything with all these handy tools at your disposal. In addition, the online test bank replicates the Prometric Testing experience of the CPA exam to familiarize and make you comfortable with the manner in which the exam is conducted.
  • Subscribe to an Online Course that Lasts until you Pass: This is a benefit you can only avail with the Wiley Online Learning Centre. We stand by our students until they succeed in passing the exam. You are free to access all the information, lectures, study material etc available online up to one year after you pass the exam. All updates and software upgrades will be done for free! That is the kind of commitment we offer to our students.

Considering that Wiley has a pass rate of 9 out of every 10 students, we can almost guarantee that you will emerge triumphant in the exam and not need us the next year!

You may choose to study on your own but given the complex nature of the exam, it is best to partner with an online course that is affordable and enhances your preparation. The Wiley Platinum CPA Review Course is one such program that is designed to ensure victory in the examination and has proved this fact with its commendable success rate.

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