Career opportunities in accounting need not be limited to geography and traditional accounting fields.

The CA qualification is held in prestige in Indian firms and rightfully so. In the international arena, however, accounting qualifications such as the CPA has firmer footing. CPA brings an edge in international accounting and reporting standards. The value proposition under CPA includes:

  • Proficient knowledge of accounting (US GAAP, GAAS, and IFRS), Taxation, and Finance
  • International recognition
  • Career growth and progression
  • Elite professional network

For these reasons, the popularity of CPA in India has grown in the recent years.

CPA jobs are not just about financial planning and accounting. Instead, some of the more challenging international accounting requirements are met by CPAs today. Here is a list of career opportunities that CPAs can find in India and abroad:

CPA career opportunity

International Accounting
In the new economic order, CPAs play a crucial role in trade and business. At the international level, CPAs manage foreign trade agreements, global economic and financial issues, and international business transactions, to name a few.

Forensic Accounting
CPAs are also involved in thwarting economic crimes and resolving contract disputes. They are proactive in investigating money laundering, frauds, bribery, and other white collar crimes. As forensic accountants, they are the subject matter expert in matters concerning money within an organization. They also act as expert witnesses in the courts.

Environmental Accounting
Individuals with interest in the conservation of the environment and its diversity can contribute as a CPA. In environmental accounting, CPAs act as Environmental Auditors ensuring that businesses and companies comply with the environmental laws. They audit, identify opportunities for best practices, minimize liabilities, and help develop sustainable practices.

Tax Accounting
With their expert knowledge of tax laws and taxation, CPAs can find opportunities in sales taxation, international taxation, and similar taxation-related work profiles.

Academics & Research
Another popular area where CPAs are in demand is in academia. Subjects that form part of accounting such as taxation, ethics, business application, accounting, and auditing require qualified and experienced academic and thought leaders. CPAs are, therefore, responsible for bringing up the next generation. Positions are available in private and public institutions.

Information Technology
In IT, CPAs play a crucial role in IT governance, IT auditing, and in managing revenues. They act as the link that connects the IT department with the finance department.

General Accounting
In addition to the above-mentioned, CPA jobs can also include general accounting practices including preparation of financial statements, making business decisions, and valuing stocks.

Other opportunities include management consulting, venture capital, estate planning, financial analysis, corporate finance, and corporate governance.

The salary is dependent on the years of experience of a candidate and the company profile.

The value proposition in CPA makes it a unique certification in the global market. And, if you are still contemplating about a career in accounting, the CPA certification is something you would not want to miss.

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