The CFA charter, although considered extremely difficult to attain, offers enormous benefits. This blog post offers a look at five prominent job opportunities you can explore as a CFA qualified professional.

1.  Portfolio Manager: In this profile, the manager has control over the investment decisions relating to the money of other people who have given him/her the charge of a firm’s asset and liability (loan and deposit) portfolios. CFA training prepares a person to become a portfolio manager.

2. Investment Banking Analyst: As the name suggests, in this portfolio, a person is responsible to analyze and contemplate all the possibilities of investment. He/She has the responsibility to direct the investment process and to make individuals and firms aware of possible mergers and accusations. CFA course prepares a person for this job through the section of equity investments, corporate investments, fixed incomes and economics which directly prepares him/her for this job opportunity.

3. Corporate Financial Analyst: This job profile requires a person who checks and analyse company’s financial workings for which he/she is employed. For example, going over financial statements, expenses, tax rates etc. to have a clear insight where does the company makes profit and where does it loses. The CFA course prepares a person to be an efficient financial analyst and that’s what the training is all about.

4. Financial Advisor: The CFA course prepares a person to be capable of giving financial advice and guidance to firms or individuals. They make them take the right decisions based on what are the high profit making sectors in their respective fields. The course makes an individual analyze the best out of every financial condition for the best outcome.

5. Research Analyst: This job profile calls for a person who has to analyse the financial records of the firm he/she is working for. They also have to give reports to their clients regarding the financial matters. CFA course makes a person eligible for such a job as it trains him/her to derive information about the firm in such a manner that nothing is missed financially.

Top Global Companies Hiring CFA Charterholder:


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