The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is an advanced professional certification designed to assess the skills of critical accounting and financial management for smooth functioning of any business. It is a very dignified designation which especially needs the knowledge to make decisions along with strategy on investments, risk management and corporate finance.

Are you aiming for the same? Then, we will guide you through the range of options for developing a career from CMA certification. It will be an added advantage if you are interested in the following well-paid profiles.

Career in CMA

Financial Analyst

Avg. Annual Salary: Rs.35,75,714

Financial Analysts have expertise in determining where and when to busy and sell investments. Advanced positions like investment partner, financial consultant, or portfolio manager are considered good options for better growth in this career path.

Financial Planner

Avg. Annual Salary: Rs. 32,53,056

Financial Planners are good advisers to the client to manage their money. They work for insurance or finance companies on how to make investments, future financial plans, etc.

Cost Accountant

Avg. Annual Salary: Rs. 33,03,090

Cost Accountants focus on methods to reduce financial waste and increase profit from a business’s production costs. Advanced positions like Senior Cost Accountant and Financial Controller require CMA.

Corporate Controller

Avg. Annual Salary: Rs.48,04,306

Corporate Controller needs to report to the CFO and is also responsible for converting data into information which includes financial reports and income statements.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Avg. Annual Salary: Rs.764722

CMA certification can eventually open up the doors to top-most profiles such as CFO, vice president of finance in an organization. Their job is to oversee company investments, financial forecasting and make major decisions for business.

Systems analyst, management consultant and business analyst are further career options available.

Undoubtedly, CMA certification can brighten up your future in the accounting field.. Yet, you can choose the most suitable one which interests you the most.


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