FRM or Financial Risk Management is an advanced certification which is globally well-known in the realm of finance. FRM professionals are particularly designated to analysing, evaluating and controlling market risks, liquidity risks or several other financial risks. They are finance-savvy with regard to markets and products, diverse risk models etc., and competent to take calculated risks during times of heavy pressure.

Its standard is so high that every top employer recognizes and appreciates it. FRM certified professionals are dignified in the field of economics and accounting  by being employed with ease in almost all major investment banks, management firms, government bodies and financial services institutions around the world. This certification makes them stand out in the job market with improved skills and knowledge required to be successful.


career option in FRM

Some lucrative career prospects for FRM include:

  1. Analytics Client Consultant – Risk Management Analytics
  2. Risk Management Analytics Consultant
  3. Risk Manager, Personal Banking
  4. Corporate Risk – Managing Director – COO & Risk Officer for Global Asset Liability Management
  5. Risk Quantification Manager
  6. Manager, Operational Risk Advisory and Oversight for Wealth Management
  7. Large Enterprise Commercial Risk Manager
  8. Senior Operational Risk Manager
  9. Credit risk specialists
  10. Market risk specialists
  11. Operational risk analysts
  12. Regulatory risk analysts
  13. Risk Manager, Prudential Risk
  14. Enterprise Risk Manager
  15. Risk Manager

FRM professionals enjoy other perks along with the remuneration which are generally quite high. It can be a worthwhile employing experience if you are passionate about finance and its risks.

The top ten companies which employ FRM professionals include:

  1. ICBC
  2. HSBC
  3. Deutsche Bank
  4. UBS
  5. KPMG
  6. Citigroup
  7. Agricultural Bank of China
  8. Bank of China
  9. EY
  10. Credit Suisse

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