The globally acknowledged designation awarded by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) which equips professionals with financial risk assessment and risk management skills is to ensure mitigation of uncertainty in investment decisions.

An exclusive global community of nearly 30,000 FRM-qualified professionals is working with some of the top employers in the financial sector. These professionals aim to get hired in the best companies due to their advanced level of expertise in risk management.

Geographically, an FRM credential offers some of the best professional growth opportunities in US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and China along with other developing countries around the world.

The top industries which employ FRM certified professionals are below enlisted

  1. Investment Banks
  2. Commercial Banks
  3. Central Banks of Countries
  4. Asset Management Companies
  5. Insurance Companies
  6. Credit Rating Companies
  7. Government and Regulatory Agencies
  8. Consulting Firms
  9. Hedge Funds
  10. Professional Service Firms

The companies which value FRM certified professionals for their risk management are

Companies hire FRM

  1. ICBC
  2. HSBC
  3. Citi
  4. Ernst & Young
  5. Deutsche Bank
  6. Standard Chartered Bank
  7. Deloitte
  8. Samsung
  9. ING
  10. Barclays

    The financial institutions and banks have to deal with various forms of risk on a regular basis. Hence, they always look to hire professionals with requisite knowledge and skillset which makes FRM a preferred choice of risk management credential. These companies hope to attain financial growth by employing FRM certified professionals despite underlying risks with a higher level of finesse.

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