Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA is a highly respected and valued designation in the field of investment and portfolio management. It opens up avenues to reach the pinnacle in the domain of investment and a chance to be employed as analysts with top global companies. This article will help you understand the eligibility criteria for this coveted exam and also the role Wiley Online Training can play in making your preparation successful.

Pre-requisites For The Entrance Examination

The CFA Institute mandates the following conditions in order to sit for the entrance:

  1. Educational Qualifications: There are three ways in which you can meet the minimum educational requirements-
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university or be in the final year of examination. This will allow you to appear in Level 1. But to appear in Level 2, you should have completed your degree.
  • A work experience of four years. Unlike for CMA, this need not be in investment related.
  • A combined work and educational experience of four years. This must be completed before enrolment. Part-time positions do not count as work experience.

    2. Possess an international travel passport: To appear for the exam you must have a valid and original passport that has been issued by the Government. It should be machine readable and have a clear photo of the candidate. You will also need the passport when checking-in for the exam sessions. It is important to note that the details on your passport match those provided on the admission ticket, failing which you will not be allowed to take the exam.

3. The exam is only offered in English. So the candidate must be prepared to appear in this language.

4. All candidates are required to comply with the Professional Conduct Statement. The form needs to be filled,   attested and submitted at the time of joining. It requires the candidates to disclose any legal/disciplinary proceedings against them.

5. You must be a resident of a country that participates in the CFA program. Individuals who live in countries that are subject to sanctions by the Government, cannot appear for the examination.


How Wiley Can be Your Guide

At Wiley, you can choose from three different programs to boost your preparation. Whether you select the CFA Platinum Course, the CFA Test Bank or the CFA 11th Hour, you will have a decisive edge over others. All Wiley CFA courses are created by the best global faculty with an emphasis on making online training more effective and fruitful.

We will take care of all your academic requirements from inception till you pass the exam. Not just do you have access to a rich library of updated CFA focused content, we will also help you organize and plan your time in order to optimize every minute you dedicate to studying.

Wiley is a GARP approved course provider that does not put any expiration date on your preparation. We will be your mentor till you pass the exam. So don’t waste precious time, enroll with Wiley and make success a habit.


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