If the world of accounting attracts you then a CMA degree is your ladder to reach its highest echelons. Recognized as an extremely respected degree, it equips you with the skills that are valued in the professional scenario. To appear for this prestigious exam, you need to fulfill the strict eligibility criteria mandated by the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants). This article will help you understand the eligibility requirements for clearing the entrance as well as acquiring the certification.

Criteria for Eligibility

The IMA lists down the following prerequisites to obtain a CMA certification:

  1. Membership of the Institute of Management Accountants.
  2. Specific educational and experiential qualifications
  3. Clear all examination papers
  4. Comply with the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.

Educational Qualification

Following are the educational requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in any discipline obtained from a recognized university.
  • The transcripts of the degree must be mailed to IMA from the college/university. If that is not possible for some reason, then a notarized copy needs to be mailed.

Experience Qualifications

The experience qualification is an important precondition to acquire the CMA certification, but not to appear in the CMA entrance exam. Candidates are required to have two years of relevant experience in the field of management accounting or financial management in order to get the degree. The experience may be gained before the degree or within seven years of passing the examination. The experience must be in a full-time position. Part-time experience is also counted but is subject to very stringent rules and two years of part-time account for only one year of full-time. Teaching is also eligible but only if it is full-time and related to higher level teaching of finance and accounting subjects.

Internships, trainee level experience, and clerical jobs that see a rare application of accounting principles are not considered.

Examination Papers

While the entrance exam may be taken by anyone who meets the educational qualifications, you need to pass both parts of the CMA exam to get the final degree, wherein –

Part 1 deals with Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance, and Control,

Part 2 deals with Financial Decision Making.

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