What is the CPA Designation?

CPA or Certified Public Accountant is a distinguished professional with a license to provide accounting services to the public. The CPA designation is the key to a successful accounting career, which is acknowledged and appreciated globally.

CPA’s can provide services directly to the public or get hired by organizations and can operate in any area of finance, which includes

  • Corporate Finance
  • Assurance & Attestation Services
  • Tax Preparation & Planning 
  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Analysis
  • Venture Capital
  • Forensics Accounting
  • Governmental Accounting 
  • Management Consulting and more 

To maintain the CPA license, individuals who have passed the CPA exam have to fulfill the Continuing Professional Education or CPE requirement. 

Why become a CPA?

The demand for CPAs are always high. CPA professionals cater to a lot of responsibilities in the fields of accounting, finance and business. With a CPA qualification, individuals are trained to meet the needs of the International Market. 

Compensation packages of a CPA professional is comparatively higher than other accounting jobs. According to a few studies, CPAs with less than one year of experience earn an average salary of $66,000 per year, and CPAs with more than 20 years of experience, the average salary per year is$152,000.

Growth of a CPA professional is very swift. From the start of your career to handing top executive level positions in any organization, CPA professionals are equipped with every necessary accounting skill that meets the industry demand.

A CPA handles top level executive positions in an organization. Some of them are:

  • CEO: Most of the renowned CEOs of top organizations come from the field of accounting and finance. Professionals with a CPA background are always respected for their efficiency.

  • CFO: CFOs are responsible for providing a financial direction to an organization. CPAs possesses the knowledge and expertise to serve the role of a CFO and advise the CEO.
  • Accounting Managers: Various roles like auditing managers, comptrollers and more, requires special accounting skill sets which are satisfied by the CPA qualification.


How to be a CPA?

To become a CPA, candidates require to fulfill the following requirements:


  • Minimum Educational Qualification:


            A bachelor’s degree in accounting from any recognized university.


  • Clearing the Uniform CPA Exam:


            The Eligibility parameter to sit for the CPA exam, set by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and administered by NASBA is to complete 150 hours in any recognized college or university. 


  • Relevant Professional Experience:


            A minimum of 1 year professional experience in an accounting field. 


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