Have you received your Authorization To Test (ATT) from the state board?  Are you appearing for the 2019 CPA exam? If you have answered in affirmative, then reading this article should be the next step you take. That is because here we reveal all about the rewarding Platinum CPA Review Course 2019, offered by Wiley Online Training.

What Is The Platinum Review Course?

One of our most successful courses, the CPA Platinum Review course is for those who do not want to leave anything to chance. It is for the go-getters who believe in steering through in the first attempt. This comprehensive and extensive course covers every aspect of the exam and provides the best coverage of the entire syllabus. Our trademark, ‘Partner Until You Pass Guarantee’ applies to this course as well, but we doubt you will be needing it!

What Is Included?

The question should actually be, what isn’t included! That’s because we have meticulously crafted a stellar course which is so complete that it needs no other external additions; except of course, your hard work and perseverance. With the Platinum Course you get the following online course materials:

  • 2200+ pages of digital study text
  • 140+ hours of video lecture instruction
  • 6000+ CPA questions with detailed answers
  • 300+ task based simulations
  • 4000+ digital flashcards
  • Personalized study planner
  • Online instruction and mentoring

How The Course Will Add Value To Your Preparation

The entire online course material has been designed by leading subject matter experts who have an in-depth knowledge and a great command over the teaching fundamentals as well as the syllabus. It is this combined collaboration that has enriched this course with excellent content and teaching aids which students will find immensely productive.

Efficient Learning System: To build an effective study pattern, all lessons are built around a 30-minute “bite-sized” content framework. These include an exam planner, text and video instruction, and mini assessment flash cards. Your progress is continuously tracked to maintain motivation levels and give you a clear picture of your level of preparation.

Study Guides: You get a four volume set of lesson reviews to cover all four parts of the exam. This guide maps the course content perfectly and helps you get an overview of each part. Since the CPA exam undergoes frequent changes, the guides are updates twice every year.

Companion Mobile App: The mobile app for the course has a friendly user-interface and allows you to access all the course material on the go. You can view the digital flashcards, lectures, practice question, etc in both online and offline mode. You can also create quiz sessions and customize question sets.

Professor Mentoring: Clear all your personal doubts with the online support of our distinguished university professors. You can post your questions/queries to them and receive a response within 48 hours.  If you need a quicker reply then the entire archive repository of questions is at your beck and call. Here you will find frequently asked questions by your peers along with suitable replies.

Virtual Classroom Series: A seamless blend of live online instruction with pre-recorded lectures, will stimulate a classroom setting where you can actively interact with the professors as well as classmates.

Online Test Bank: The test bank is a jumbo collection of 4400+ MCQs with detailed answers, references and hints. The interface will replicate the Prometric testing experience with forms and formats of the most current exam. In addition you will get access to 12000 practice questions and more than 600 task based simulations.

Focus Notes: To reinforce the key concepts, formulas and calculations, we have an awesome selection of acronyms and mnemonics. These will be particularly useful if you find it tough to retain information.

Digital Flashcards: Another tool that focuses on building concentration and enhancing your memory capacity, the digital flashcards reinforce and improve knowledge. There are 250 cards per section to cover the most critical points.

All this colossal knowledge and information is available on Wiley Online Training at a very reasonable price. Be a part of the Platinum CPA Review Course and climb the ladder to assured success.

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