To begin with CPA exam preparation, various questions pop up in the minds of candidates. The most common question among them is how much time has to be devoted for its preparation. According to experts, 400 hours of study is required to get good score. It also depends on a number of factors to perform well in exam such as grasping power, educational background, etc. If a candidate gets out of study routine, then it will take more hours of study. It will be better to trace one’s own strengths and weaknesses to do preparation accordingly.

The key parts of CPA exam is enlisted along with time needed for preparation.

CPA exam parts

  1. FAR – It comprises seven task-based simulations along with 90 MCQs. You should spend 125 hours for proper understanding of this part.
  2. REG – It also comprises simulations and MCQs but has the lowest pass rate. You should spend 110 hours to help you solve 72 MCQs and six simulation tasks.
  3. AUD – It is so similar to FAR that it needs at least 90 hours of study for an aspirant to clear the CPA exam.
  4. BEC – It comprises three communication tasks along with 72 MCQs. This part needs 75 hours of study.

If you have no enough time for preparation, you should focus on your study approach to learn important topics very well. At last, the quality of study matters which you find feasible for yourself when you run out of time.

To understand about exam well, you should read Uniform CPA Examination Candidate Bulletin, which contains official information from AICPA, National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), and Prometric Testing Centers.

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