Then, CFA or the Chartered Financial Analyst credential is for you. A CFA professional is a financial and investment professional, who has completed the program, meets requirements of the profession, and has cleared three levels of examinations. Upon completion, the candidate receives the “CFA Charter” and becomes a “CFA Charter Holder”. It takes anywhere between two and five years for a candidate to complete the CFA program. Currently, there are 120,000 CFA Charter Holders worldwide.

What are the benefits of a CFA Program?

  1. Professional Credibility: The CFA, because of its rigour, is considered as the “gold standard” of the Wall Street. Such is the professional credibility of a CFA that it has become a global designation. Today more than 145 countries recognize the profession and have Charter Holders.
  2. Job Prospects: In the multicultural business environment, CFA Charter Holders are seen as having expertise in financial analysis and investment management. More financial companies are looking for professionals with credible experience and academic finesse.

Although the CFA exams are difficult to crack, professionals and aspirants around the world intend to take them.

  1. Finance Professionals: CFA is a value-added credential which can accelerate one’s career into research analysis, portfolio management, investment banking, financial strategy, and others. Working professionals need to have two years of work experience before taking the CFA exam.
  2. Other Professionals: Professionals from related fields such as accountants and attorneys can also take the exam. CFA prepares professionals in leadership roles.
  3. Students: CFA can prod a student’s career especially in finance.

Depending upon your aspirations, the CFA can prove more beneficial than the MBA. A CFA program offers specialization in investment analysis, asset allocation, and portfolio management and strategy, unlike an MBA. Additionally, a CFA program also pays more than MBA; CFA Charter Holders make 25% more than MBA holders annually.

So if you have not made up your mind yet, now is the time.





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