Do you feel stressful especially when the CFA exam is imminent and you are behind your study schedule? To reduce your anxiety level and make you feel confident for passing the exam, follow last minute tips to have an optimized preparation.

CFA level 1 exam

1.Focus on important topics

It is about topic-based preparation for Level I CFA exam. Optimize your study by paying attention to the core concepts. It will help you to score much better. The topics are listed below along with their weightage.

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis – 20%
  • Ethics – 15%
  • Quantitative Methods – 12%
  • Debt – 12%
  • Equity – 10%
  • Economics – 10%
  • Corporate Finance – 8%
  1. Avoid distractions

In order to maximize study time, minimize distractions. Plan your day ahead to fulfill all the your basic needs to avoid spending a lot of time for them. This tip is super-effective.

  1. Utilize break time efficiently

Review your study notes by combining them with other activities which need minimum attention such as commute. Score some extra study time during breaks using flashcards and QBanks.

  1. Stick to time-based study

Use timer to study with planned breaks. You can take a 10-minute break and get back to study again. This way, you can practice and study effectively with a proper plan.

Everything is possible if you plan your studies properly and dedicate enough time for revision. We hope these tips will help to boost your last minute preparation for CFA Level 1 exam.

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