Financial Risk Manager (FRM) is a premier certification recognized globally and provides a thorough understanding of the Risk Management field. An FRM professional is responsible for foreseeing, analyzing and controlling different credit and market risks that a company may be exposed to in the process of creating value.

Some lucrative reasons to pursue an FRM certification are:

Set yourself apart

A good understanding of various risk disciplines like inflation risk, sector risk, foreign exchange risk, volatility risk are important in today’s constantly changing market. The FRM credential helps you to master different concepts related to risk management and provides credibility to your resume.

Worldwide Recognition

The FRM credential is recognised globally for the value it provides. It is also highly respected by employer and peers alike in its ability to hone an individual’s understanding of the risk management business.

Join a community of thriving professionals

It is the perfect way to grow your network and join a community of over 32,000 certified FRM professionals. The FRM program has seen significant growth in global acceptance and witnessed an annual growth rate of 29% in total registrants in the last 8 years

Better opportunities

Large-scale risk management firms are some of the major employers of FRM professionals, although some people work as a freelance Financial Risk Managers also. Most major corporations and investment bankers use the FRM services of risk management firms but few of them employ FRM professionals under their pay roll also. After receiving the FRM certification you can aim for positions like Risk Quantification Manager, Enterprise Risk Manager, Operational risk analyst, Regulatory risk analyst  and many more.

Better Remuneration

The remuneration and other perks for FRM professionals are quite high given the high stakes involved.

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