Managing your time efficiently during the CPA exam is the key to success. The exam uses a multistage testing format which means that if you do well on the first testlet, the second one will be harder. Here are some tips to keep you on track in your examination attempt:

CPA Exam, Time Management

Finish the first testlet swiftly

  • The first testlet is moderately difficult. The consequent testlets will be at a similar or more advanced difficulty level based on your performance in the first one. A good estimate is to spend 40-45 minute on the first testlet and about 55-60 minutes on the third one.
  • The difficulty level varies throughout the exam, so make it a point to not spend more than three minutes on any one question because not all of the questions are graded. In FAR and AUD, fifteen of the 90 MCQ questions are not graded while for BEC And REG, this figure is 12 out of 72.

Give equal time to Task based simulations:

  • Don’t spend a lot of time on a single task based simulation as one of the seven on AUD and FAR, and one of the seven on REG aren’t graded. Distribute your time evenly between all of the TBS. A total of 90 minutes for TBS section gives you 12 minutes for each.
  • In the written communication on BEC, one of the three isn’t graded. Try to spend 12-15 minutes on each written communication.
  • TBS can be attempted in any order, so begin with the easiest and end with the most difficult one. If you get stuck with a particularly difficult one, move on to the next TBS. Fill out anything which you’ve not attempted during the last 5 minutes of the exam.
  • Take advantage of the positive grading system of the exam. This means that you won’t be penalized for errors or guessing in spread sheet type questions that carry through.

Practice makes perfect

  • Ensure thorough practice with Wiley’s test bank series to master your time management skills. This will help build your confidence and prepare you for the exam day.

Test bank link:

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