One of the challenges that FRM Exam aspirants face is that of shortage of time. So here are some quick tips to manage time and clear the exam:

  1. Aspirants should practice at least one exam where they time themselves. This will help them learn about the areas where they are struggling with and make changes accordingly. Even if aspirants find themselves well managed, they should understand that the exam itself can stress them out. In addition, there are likely to be distractions, all of which can make a difference in performance.
  2. During the practice tests, keep an eye on your progress against the time. Additionally, during the course of the actual exam keep an average time for different questions. Even the smallest deviations can lead to overuse of time and poor management. Also note that not all test centres keep a clock.
  3. Some aspirants try to manage time by attempting the easiest questions up early. That way they get a few minutes for the difficult sections and questions. The strategy might work for some because it also helps build a little confidence. But make sure you are marking the right blanks on the answer script.
  4. Always, always have a game plan. This will help in making quick decisions during the exam. Also avoid too much skipping back and forth. It can break your focus and you will end up losing precious time.

Lastly, do not panic. Panicking will only make things appear worse. You won’t be able to think clearly and that can lead to missing even the easy questions. If you feel that you are panicking, put away your pencil and start breathing deeply. Doing this for even 30 seconds can help you get back on track and think clearly


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