If you are among the many who will take the next CPA exam, the chances are you want to understand the total cost.

Here is a quick list of things where you are likely to spend:

CPA Course cost

Review Course

It is advisable to go through a CPA review course before attempting the exam.

A review course acts as a trustworthy study guide helping you understand the important concepts. Of course, you can prepare for the exam without a review course, but why take chances!

Although CPA review courses cost anywhere between Rs.63585 – Rs.190755, if you can do some research and find the right one, it will help you sail through your exam.


Application fees for the CPA exam vary by state. It can be between Rs.3180 and Rs.12717.

You will be paying the application fee to the state board to take the exam. Like all application fees, it is a one-time fee. However, if your application is rejected or if the Authorization to Test (ATT) expires, you will have to apply again.

So, make sure that you fill your application only when you have completed the eligibility requirements.


The examination fees are paid once a candidate receives their ATT.

Each section in the CPA exam costs around Rs.12300 but the amount varies in different states.


When you are ready to sign up for a CPA section, you will have to pay a registration fee. States have a different registration amount.

Typically, the costs are arranged in a tier; this allows you to save when you choose more than one section.

For instance,

Registration fee for one section: Rs.4006

Registration fee for two sections: Rs.5150

Registration fee for three sections: Rs.6295

Registration fee for four sections: Rs.11255

Some candidates register for all the sections in order to save big.

But if you do so, you will have to schedule your exams in the following six months (whether you are prepared or not). That’s how long your NTS is valid.

It is wiser to register for one exam at a time. Trust us! It will pay off in the long run.


Once you have completed the CPA exam, some states will expect you to pass another exam. This is the CPA Ethics Exam.

The exam costs around Rs.9538-Rs.12717 and includes a study book. There are no additional costs above this.


Once you have taken all the four sections and the ethics exam, you will need to apply for your license.

States charge a different fee for licensing. Some states have maintained it at Rs.3179 while in some other states you can be paying Rs.31792

The licensing fee is important to maintain your practice in public accounting. It is a recurrent fee.


Most states require that CPAs take approximately 40 hours of continuing education on an annual basis.

Since CPE is available on different platforms, the costs vary according to the platform and provider. The costs can range from Rs.1272 to Rs.7948 per hour.

Credential Costs for International Candidates

For international candidates outside the USA, the state board evaluates if your education meets the minimum requirements.  They also charge a fee for this review which can vary from Rs.9538- Rs.12717.

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