In what can only be considered as an emerging trend, the number of Indian candidates applying for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level I exams have increased.

At the moment, India ranks third with the most number of candidates taking the exam. The CFA Institute announced that India followed China and USA with 14,776 candidates appearing in June 2017. The global number was 71,914.

CFA exam in India

Experts in the industry believe that the trend is a result of the growth seen in the Indian economy. The country has become a credible investment destination ensuring an increase in investment professionals.

The CFA Charter requires candidates to pass three exam levels, have a work experience of at least four years in investments, and commit to the code of ethics in professional conduct. Following this, candidates are expected to apply to a CFA Institute Society and become a member of the renowned CFA Institute.

The program curriculum tests competencies and knowledge required in the investment industry. Given that the global market is changing at an unprecedented pace, the CFA exam ensures premium professional conduct, ethical standards, and international financial statement analysis. The Level I exam particularly tests candidates on their ability to connect their theoretical understanding with practice. They need to show their ability to analyse the investment industry in real time. Other important concepts include corporate finance, wealth management, portfolio analysis, securities analysis and valuation, economics and quantitative methods.

On an average, it takes over three years for candidates to successfully complete the CFA Program. The three levels each require determination and commitment to studying at least 300 hours.

The CFA exams are held across the world in more than 70 cities in December and over 170 cities in the month of June. Candidates are allotted test centres according to their location preference.

In 2016, metropolitan cities New Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Kolkata in India had the most candidates taking the Level 1 exam.

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