The AICPA has announced a new technology for CPA exam testing.

With its brand new features and functionalities, the new testing interface will be launched on April 1, 2018. The interface is designed specifically to ensure user-friendliness.

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Here are the changes that you can expect with the new AICPA exam software:

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HD Monitors

Candidates will be greeted with high definition monitors.

The larger screen will give exam takers the benefit of viewing multiple exam elements at the same time.

Microsoft Excel

Henceforth, candidates taking the CPA exam will be able to use Microsoft Excel in all testlets. You can watch a video tutorial to learn how to use the new integrated version during the exam.

This feature is, however not available for Written Communication in the BEC section.

Copy, Paste and Highlight

Yes! It’s bye-bye to the old copy and paste tool.

CPA exam takers will now have access to an advanced and versatile tool. Text can be selected at any point during the exam. The highlight tool immediately appears after text selection. You can also copy the text and paste in on other applications including the excel spreadsheet, response area or on the calculator.


In the new interface, candidates will be able to use up to eight exhibits for reviewing. This means, they can work with real exhibits, which are required in the task-based simulation exercises. The feature includes exhibits including general ledger details and emails.

Authoritative Literature

In the research task-based simulations, candidates will be required to use authoritative literature.

Make sure you review the tutorial to learn using authoritative literature.

Tutorial link:

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