Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is one of the highly sought after credentials offered by CFA Institute to investment and financial professionals. It is a golden chance for anyone who is interested in developing a career in the finance field. The CFA Program focuses on the finance aspect rather than management and business.

In an article published by The Hindu, Mr. Ashvin P. Vibhakar – MD of Asia Pacific Operations, CFA Institute says, “The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program, which is a self-study, graduate-level program for investment professionals, opens up several opportunities for candidates”.

After accomplishing CFA Program, one would possess the following

  1. Academic theory
  2. Current industry practice assessment techniques
  3. Ethical and professional standards which provide a strong foundation of advanced investment analysis
  4. Real-world portfolio management skills

The scope of CFA includes:

  1. Coverage of many sectors and most prominently banks, industries, finance markets and technology sector.
  2. In the finance market and the stock exchange world, it gives you the ethical code and ability to handle all sorts of transactions with total efficacy.
  3. Global recognition with access to a network of 100,000 investment professionals.
  4. Freedom for finance professionals to switch their career by choosing from a myriad of job roles such as financial advisor, financial strategist, private bankers etc.
  5. Scope of earning from non-credential peers determined by various factors such as experience level, job type, sector, and employer.

By clearing the rigorous CFA exam, you establish mastery over the core body of knowledge. This helps to build a high standard of professional excellence and create a remarkable reputation among clients, employers or colleagues.

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