There are great opportunities available after doing a CMT course.

One of them is that of a portfolio manager.

Portfolio managers are professionals who manage institutional or individual investment portfolios. They research the financial markets pre-empting the implications they can have on investments. In that way portfolio managers advice financial institutions and individuals to buy or sell securities.

Portfolio managers also offer analyses of different kinds of investments. These investments could vary based on the sizes, the types of investments, and the investment styles.

Some managers may be managing small independent funds whereas others can be expected to handle large institutions. Banks and universities are often looking for portfolio managers. While some professionals after finishing a CMT program specialize in different kinds of investments such as hedging techniques, small or large cap specialities, domestic or international fund investing and growth or value style of management.  Others could manage mutual funds, trust and pension funds, institutional funds, hedge funds, and commodity and high net worth investments. With their keen eye, portfolio managers can see a good investment in the offing.

Since big decisions and analyses form a key component in their job profiles, portfolio managers are expected to be highly skilled.

They are expected to look for potential investments where others fail to see them. For this, professionals need to keep themselves updated with the changing market and accrue information.

Different Roles of Portfolio Managers

CMT, Portfolio managers

Additionally, portfolio managers require analytical and critical thinking skills. This is needed to analyze financial reports and research. The potential investment decisions rely on portfolio managers.

Decision-making skills are among the most important skill sets. This is particularly important when it comes to making investment decisions. Portfolio managers need to train themselves to evaluate existing options and make decisions especially when the markets are uncertain.

In India, candidates aspiring to become a portfolio manager can take the CMT course. This offers a valuable advantage in addition to the work experience of a candidate.

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