Over the last few years, Wiley Online Training has proved to be an ideal solution for students as well as working professionals to acquire skills with a competitive edge. A specially designed curriculum in diverse subjects are available at Wiley Online Training to get hands on training with the necessary skills prevalent in the relevant industries.

What does Wiley Online Training provide for your career?

Wiley Online Training is mainly categorized into two domains, namely

  1. Finance and Business
  2. Accounting

Under the Finance & Business category, Wiley Online Training offers the following courses

CFA Course (Chartered Financial Analyst)

A Professional Certification, offered by the CFA Institute for candidates who have fulfilled the CFA Criteria. As a CFA, you would be highly valued in the field of investment and finance.

Some of the designations you can work as upon the completion of this course includes portfolio manager, research analyst, consultant, risk managers, corporate financial analysts, financial advisors, relationship managers etc.

CMT Course (Chartered Market Technician)

This professional certification is offered by the MTA (Market Technicians Association). It is the highest order of certification in the discipline of technical analysis.

FRM Course (Financial Risk Manager)

This is an international certification offered by GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals). It is suitable for professionals with an interest in the field of risk management like banking, IT, Finance & Analytics.

PMP Course (Project Management Professional)

This certification is offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) which is the most
on-demand global program in the industry for project managers.

Wiley provides the following online courses in accounting, which will serve you with better job prospects.

CPA Course (Certified Public Accountant)

CPA is the highest qualification in the field of accounting. The CPA Examination is administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

As a CPA, your role will be to prepare and analyze reports on transactions, review corporate and personal income tax returns, provide tax consultation and onboard new clients.

CMA Course (Certified Management Accountant)

CMA is the highest level of certification in management accounting, establishing you as a global accounting professional.

As a CMA, your responsibilities will include Budgeting, Handling Taxes, and Strategic Planning to ensure financial security.

Wiley Online Training is a premier name in the category of online training courses which has trained over 5 lakh professionals in areas of Accounting, Finance & Business and Data Science & Analytics. If you are a CPA, CFA, CMA aspirant or want acquire a new age skill Wiley Online Training is for you.

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