While you will find many options for CMA study materials, nothing comes closer to Wiley’s CMA course.

CMA Course- Wiley

Here are some facts you should know:

  1. Wiley is the place for getting access to IMA’s official CMA preparation material.
  2. You have the guarantee to have access to the study material until you pass the exam. That means free course repeats and updates as long as you need to clear the exam.
  3. Access to a digital planner that will help you plan your study for the CMA exam.
  4. With Wiley, you will have access to full-length mock and practice exams. You will be practising on the Prometric CMA exam interface that will build your ability and competence to take the actual exam. In addition, you will be mirroring the CMA exam down to the typology of questions, time-limits, and break policies.
  5. IMA and Wiley have come together to create a final review that will allow aspirants to reinforce essential concepts bettering their chances to score improvements in the last weeks of preparation.
  6. With Wiley, you will be up to date with your competence and performance with real-time performance metrics. You can know your results at the end of every lesson. In addition, you can keep a track of your progress to know your weaknesses and strengths.

Wiley Online Training is among the global leaders in international training for CPA,  CFA,  FRM,  CMT,  CMA,  PMP & Data Science & Analytics. It has helped over 500,000 professionals across the globe. With Wiley Online Training, 9 out of 10 students pass their exams. Want to find out more? Call us at 0120-6291100/01 or drop us a quick message here.

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