The CFA exam tests don’t just your knowledge of the subject but also your commitment and diligence towards your future role as a financial analyst.  The success rate of just 40% in the CFA Level I exam is a testimony to its tough nature and the rigorous preparation it requires. But with Wiley Online Training by your side, this statistic should not bother you because we have created the perfect CFA course apparatus to help you tackle this exam and sail through with ease and confidence.

Wiley CFA Programs

Depending on your level of preparedness and capabilities, you may choose from the three different courses we offer:

  1. CFA Platinum Course (Level I, II & III)
  2. CFA Test Bank (Level I, II & III)
  3. CFA 11th Hour (Level I, II & III)

Each of these courses has been designed by industry experts to cater to your requirements effectively. Know which course will benefit you the most before you opt for one.

CFA Platinum Course

The CFA Platinum (Level I, II & III) is an all-comprehensive course that takes you through the entire syllabus. With the Platinum Course, you can be assured that nothing is being left to chance. The course acts a great tool for beginners, working professionals, and students who want detailed and step-by-step guidance on every aspect related to the exam. It prepares you to handle everything entailed in the examination. You will gain the following benefits from the course:

  • A personalized planner and exam schedule based on the number of hours you can devote in a day. This planner will keep your studies organized and focused on the right track.
  • Weekly virtual classes where you can interact with the university accredited faculty as well as your fellow students for better comprehension of topics.
  • 90+ hours of pre-recorded videos, presented in the form of bite-sized lectures, to help you attain conceptual clarity.
  • Study guides and formula sheets wherein we have leveraged years of research to devise methods and ways for simplifying the complex areas of the exam.
  • 5000+ practice questions and full-length mock exams along with access to a tracker for recording your progress.
  • All the advantages of the 11th-hour course so you get the best of both worlds.

CFA Test Bank

The CFA Test Bank (Level I, II & III) has been designed for those who feel that their preparation is complete but need to gain confidence by practicing and testing their knowledge in a simulated setting before the exam. The course will give you access to a comprehensive pool of questions covering all topics and latest updates. Your preparation standards will be tested against questions that have been formulated by the best authors and instructors from across the globe. The course includes:

  • Two full-length mock exams to familiarize you with the actual examination.
  • 4000+ practice questions to reveal your level of preparedness.
  • Conceptual as well as contextual questions.
  • Performance metrics for continuous evaluation.
  • Detailed answers and explanations for better comprehension.

CFA 11TH Hour

For some students, the few months prior to the exam act as the decisive factor in their preparation. If you are looking for a course that offers a thorough revision of the entire syllabus in a time-bound manner and equips you with useful tips and tricks, then this is the course for you. It entails:

  • An abundant pool of practice questions as well as full-length mock exams to familiarize you with the exam pattern.
  • Intensive weekend workshops to resolve last minute doubts and queries.
  • Tips, shortcuts and, formula sheets that will prove useful in retention and save time during the exam.
  • 27+ hours of lecture videos of important topics from the syllabus.

The Wiley Advantage

  • Our courses have no expiration date. The entire course material along with upgrades and updates will be accessible to you till you clear the exam.
  • We have the most extensive and best video content when it comes to online training.
  • Wiley is a GARP approved course provider and we place supreme emphasis on quality of content.

The CFA exam will cease to seem impossible once you have Wiley at your side.

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