Clearing the prestigious CFA examination is your key to a world of lucrative job opportunities that will jumpstart your career. But first, you need to crack the tricky Levels of this complex paper. That is where Wiley steps in with its innovative, results-oriented programs designed to help you ace the exam.


The Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA program is an international degree, offered by the American-based CFA Institute, to financial and investment professionals. It consists of three levels that have to be passed in order to achieve the degree. A CFA degree introduces you to the high paying financial jobs like portfolio managers, research analysts, consultants, risk manager, corporate financial analysts, relationship managers, and financial advisors.


At Wiley Online Training we have been successfully assisting students to achieve their academic dreams with our meticulously designed programs. We rely on our years of experience and scientific approach to aid candidates in their academic pursuit.

The Wiley Online Training program for CFA consists of:

  • CFA Platinum Course (Level 1,2 &3)
  • CFA Test Bank (Level 1,2 &3)
  • CFA 11th Hour (Level 1,2 &3)

Each program has been specifically created to tackle the syllabus in an organized manner while addressing the common problem areas. Depending on the course you select, you will get access to informative lecture videos, mock tests, seminars, formula sheets and other instructive content that will help you focus your energies in the right direction.

The study material is available to you in easy to comprehend bite-sized lessons that will give you conceptual understanding and enhance retention. We acknowledge our commitment to every student and therefore all the content would be accessible to you till you pass the exam. In short, Wiley will be your coach, mentor, and guide throughout your academic journey.

CFA Platinum Course

Our most coveted course, the CFA Platinum is a treasure trove of all the knowledge and tutoring you require to come out with flying colors. It combines the best CFA content with our leading e-learning platform to give you an unbeatable edge. We begin at the planning stage and devise an exams schedule for you that will help keep track of your progress and remain focused. To enable an interactive session, we have more than 16 live virtual classes that you can watch from anywhere. These are accompanied by online mentoring with experienced mentors who have a deep understanding of the exam pattern as well as the syllabus. In addition, you can access the pre-recorded lecture videos and study guides at your own pace. To aid revision and replicate the exam setting, we have full-length mock tests that help track your progress. This course also combines the advantages of the CFA 11th Hour program.

CFA Test Bank

For those who just want to test their knowledge in a stimulated setting, we have the Test Bank. It consists of more than 4000 questions pertaining to the various levels of CFA. The questions are created by the best authors and instructors from around the world and upgraded every year to incorporate any changes in the syllabus. It also includes two full-length mock tests for self-assessment. The answers are included in every set along with a performance metric that records your growth.

CFA 11TH Hour

With the 11th Hour course, you can strengthen your level of preparation as the exam draws near. This effective and streamlined course offers practice questions, tips, shortcuts and a chance to attend the interactive weekend intensive workshops. You also get access to seminars, 27 hours of lecture videos, and formula sheets. Opting for this program a few months before your exam will help you assess as well as accelerate your preparation.


  • Structured and streamlined course for effective preparation.
  • Better time management with an organized schedule and study plan.
  • Familiarity with exam pattern, difficulty level, and syllabus.
  • Instructive, explanatory and rich course content.
  • Emphasis on comprehension and retention.
  • Easy accessibility to course material.


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