Clearing the CMT Exam requires a certain level of technical proficiency in finance and market. The Chartered Market Technician exam spreads across three levels. Candidates are required to be an existing member of the CMT Association. After clearing the exam, they can earn the CMT designation which certifies their competence in performing technical analysis. Therefore, selecting an online course becomes crucial for realizing such aspirations.

WOT, Wiley Online Training, is one of the best online courses if you are trying to make a jumpshift in your career. Wiley takes you on the grid with experiential learning methodologies, providing a strategic learning path to face the challenges of the CMT exam. 

What does Wiley Online Training provide for your CMT preparations?

  • High-Value Exam Preparation:

            Unlike other competitive exams, CMT focusses on a great deal of technical analysis of the competitive market scenario. Therefore, Wiley prepares you to establish the highest standards of professional competence in technical analysis.

  • Exposure To Diverse Technical Analysis Tools:

            With Wiley, you get exposure to innovative technical analysis tools that prevail in the industry. Wiley also provides a broad spectrum of technical tools to help you perform analysis operations. 

  • Opens To Multiple Job Opportunities:

            After the completion of Wiley’s CMT course, you get multiple job opportunities from leading organizations. Wiley Online Training is the official curriculum partner of the CMT Association which gives you an undue recognition. After passing the CMT exam, you become eligible for various job roles like Technical Analyst, Portfolio Managers, Investment Advisors, and so on.

  • Rich Practice Content: 

            To boost your confidence for the CMT exam, Wiley provides a comprehensive set of practice questions which covers all the topics under the CMT syllabus. Aimed to build efficiency, WOT practice questions help crack the challenges of the CMT exam. 

  • Flexible Learning Methodologies:

Wiley Online Training provides you with the ease of planning and executing your own preparation strategy. Wiley’s CMT online courses are designed to make understanding deep-root concepts easier for candidates. WOT also enables you to create personalized study timings for your CMT preparations.  

More than 450 Nobel Laureates and Industry Knowledge experts publish study materials for Wiley Online Training. Having trained over 4.5 lakh students across the globe for over 200 years, Wiley is a leading name in providing advanced skills training to equip students for advanced career opportunities.


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