FRM Silver Course:

Covering every learning objective, this comprehensive online review course with online mentoring combines the best FRM exam content with our leading e-learning platform. Plug in your exam date and you’ll have an exam plan schedule in seconds. Learn with 35+ hours pre-recorded lecture videos, online study test and 480+ practice questions. Then take the full-length mock exam and track your progress right up to exam day.


  • 30-45 Minute Bite-Sized Lessons Designed to Help you Learn Faster and Retain More
  • Professional Online Mentoring – Post your FRM Exam Related Questions and Receive a Response within 24-48 Hours
  • Pay Only Once Until You Pass Guarantee including Free Updates & Upgrades
  • Study Text - Print Friendly Online Text Covering Every Learning Objective
  • Practice Questions - Hundreds of End of Lesson Practice Questions
  • Formula Sheets (40+ pages)
  • Dashboard & Performance Metrics
  • 1 Full-Length Mock Exam
  • Video Lectures by Expert Instructors

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