Level I CFA Platinum Course - 2018

wiley Live Online Weekly Classes for Level I 2018 Exam Start January 20

Pass with Wiley! This online review course combines all our best CFA exam content for the 2018 exam with our leading e-learning platform. Plug in your exam date and you’ll have an exam plan schedule in seconds. Learn with 16 weekly live virtual classes supported with online mentoring, 90+ hours pre-recorded lecture videos, study guides and 5,000 practice questions in our course. Then take the full-length mock exams and track your progress right up to exam day. Also includes 11th Hour Final Review course.

$1,295 $971.25 * (25% Off)
* Prices apply to Indian Subcontinent only


See what you’ll get from our course

  • Pay Only Once Until You Pass Guarantee including Free Updates & Upgrades
  • Exam Planner & Personalized Study Schedule
  • 30-45 Minute Bite-Sized Lessons Designed to Help you Learn Faster and Retain More
  • 90+ pages of Formula Sheets
  • eBook Study Guide Covering Every LOS
  • Course Outlines
  • 11th Hour Final Review Course with 40 hours Final Review Lecture Videos and Mock Exam Seminar (14 hours Level III)
  • 11th Hour Review Study Guide (ebook)
  • 2 Full-Length Mock Exams (1 for Level III)
  • 11th Hour Final Review Mock Exam
  • 1,000s of Practice Questions per Level
  • Dashboard & Performance Metrics
  • Video Lectures by Expert Instructors (Level I 90+ Hours; Level II 100+ Hours; Level III 50+ Hours)
  • New! 14-16 Weeks of Live Online Virtual Classes
  • Professional Online Mentoring – Post your CFA Exam Related Questions and Receive a Response within 24-48 Hours or Less

Highlights from the Course

  • Featuring top university professors and CFA Exam Review instructors from leading institutions.
  • Focus where it matters most. Students with strong existing knowledge of a particular topic can often speed through a lesson by watching the video and then taking the Proficiency and Exam Questions.
  • Wiley's CFA Exam Review Video Lectures cover the key concepts and principles in every subject area, plus heavily weighted exam topics and challenging subjects.
  • Ideal for audio-visual learners.
  • Learn when you want. Never worry about missed lectures. Listen to any speaker or topic as many times as you need. Professor Mentoring students can ask questions and receive prompt answers.
  • The video lectures feature three different subject-matter experts.