Wiley Certified Specialist Cloud Administrator (WCSCA)

Specialize in all Basic and Advanced Concepts of Cloud Administration with our Cloud Computing Online Course

  • Develop industry-relevant professional cloud strategy and implementation solutions
  • Evaluate and develop SaaS, PaaS, IaaS cloud architecture and management strategies
  • Work on hands-on projects
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Key Features of the Cloud Computing Online Course

  • Detailed explanation of core technologies related to cloud computing and administration
  • Solutions for implementing a cloud strategy at the enterprise level
  • Comprehensive coverage of cloud security issues
  • In-depth understanding of cloud architecture planning and management strategies
  • Complete analysis of SaaS applications and PaaS services/platforms
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Objective of the Cloud Computing Online Course

Developed by key industry experts and leveraging the renowned Wiley knowledge repository, the WCSCA Program modules will help you build the skills expected in a specialist Cloud Administrator - thoroughly conversant with cloud operations, management techniques and strategies, as well as popular cloud platforms, to able to implement and administer business-centric and efficient cloud solutions.

Eligibility for the Course

  • Engineering or MCA students
  • Entry-level and aspiring cloud computing professionals
  • All IT-professionals willing to foray into Cloud Computing

Module Details

  • Module duration: 10 hours of learning and assessments, 5 hours of lab work
  • Project duration: 10–15 hours depending on participant's expertise
    • Module 1: Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
    • Module 2: Virtualization Techniques
    • Module 3: Cloud Strategy and Administration
    • Module 4: Cloud Security
    • Module 5: Setting up your SAAS
    • Module 6: Setting up your PAAS

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Pre-Requisites for Attending the Course

  • Basic understanding of computer systems and networking

Course Resources

  • Course Study Resources
  • Lab Environment
  • Projects
  • Case Studies
  • Assessments
  • Videos