Digital literacy

Explore the world of computers with our two Digital Literacy Courses:

  • IC3 Version (Windows 7 and MS Office 2010) and
  • Introduction to computers (Windows 8.1 and MS Office 2013)
  • Fundamentals of Computing Concepts
  • Key applications using Microsoft Office
  • Online tools including web and Outlook

Key Features of the Course

  • Provides in-depth knowhow of operating efficiently as well as troubleshooting Windows operating system
  • Provides hands on experience of navigating and running applications in Windows
  • Shows how to use the basic features of Microsoft Office applications
  • Enables you to create documents, spread sheets and PowerPoint presentation using Microsoft Office applications
  • Enables you to increase productivity online with emails, internet and networks
  • Is mapped to the Wiley published book: Computing Fundamentals
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Objective of the Course

Developed by key industry experts and leveraging the renowned Wiley knowledge repository, Wiley's Digital Literacy Courses are designed to prepare you for success in a modern world full of computers. In these courses you will learn to efficiently use the Windows interface and various Microsoft Office applications, and enhance your productivity. You will also learn how to exchange information and communicate in an online digital environment.

Eligibility for the Course

Any learner or professional who wants to develop extensive usage skills in:

  • Using Windows Operating System
  • MS Office and productivity using this
  • Internet and Email usage
  • Legal, health and ethical issues in computing

Module Details

  • Module duration: Approx. 35 Hours
    • Module 1: Introduction to computers
    • Module 2: The System Unit
    • Module 3: Input, Output & Storage
    • Module 4: Operating System Basics
    • Module 5: Introduction to Windows
    • Module 6: Windows Administration and Maintenance
    • Module 7: Understanding Application Software
    • Module 8: Understanding Microsoft Office
    • Module 9: Word Processing with Microsoft Word
    • Module 10: Creating Spread sheets with Microsoft Excel
    • Module 11: Managing Databases with Microsoft Access
    • Module 12: Creating presentation graphics with Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Module 13: Networking and Internet basics
    • Module 14: Online Communication
    • Module 15: Web Basics
    • Module 16: Network and Internet Privacy & Security
    • Module 17: Legal, Ethical, Health and Environmental issues in computing
    • Additional Module in Introduction to Computers course
    • Module 18: Customizing Windows

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Modules can be Customized and Integrated with

  • Corporate training programs
  • K12 curriculum
  • University curriculum
  • Any other certification standard curriculum

Pre-Requisites for Attending the Course

  • No pre-requisites required

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  • Hands on videos
  • Simulation Activities
  • Assessments
  • Additional Labs for Home practice
  • Study Material