Wiley's SAP SCM

Master the application of SAP SCM with our Sap Training Course

  • Step-by-Step comprehensive training on using SAP SCM software and performing the different tasks of SCM in SAP SCM
  • Insights into the various business applications SAP SCM tools
  • Fundamentals of various SCM systems

Key Features of the SAP Training Course

  • Provides and engaging and step by step guide for all SAP SCM related concepts and tasks
  • Includes multiple business scenarios to understand business application of the SAP SCM tool
  • Includes quizzes to evaluate learning

Objective of the SAP Training Course

The objective of this highly engaging video course is to make you thoroughly conversant with SAP SCM software, related terminology and the various applications of SAP SCM tool. The course also provides various business contexts and scenarios to comprehend the application of the SAP SCM tool in real-life scenarios and covers both theoretical and practical explanations to SAP SCM concepts and functions.

Candidates Eligible for Attending the Course

  • Entry level and aspiring SAP practitioners who would want to apply for a job in related area.
  • Existing professionals working in SCM domains, who would want to transition into roles that would be using the software

Module Details

  • Module duration: 15 Hours
    • Module 1: Introduction to SAP SCM and Demand Planning Configuration
    • Module 2: Demand Planning Execution
    • Module 3: Demand Forecasting
    • Module 4: Supply network

Modules can be Customized and Integrated with

  • Corporate training programs
  • University curriculum
  • Any other certification standard curriculum