Specialize in the Latest App Development Tools, Platforms, Techniques and experience with our Mobile Application Development Training

  • Innovative and enterprise app design and development skills
  • Working with Android, iOS, Windows, and Cross-platform development environment
  • Integrating interactive and user-centric interface design, storage, and functionalities
  • Working on Hands-On Projects

Objective of the Course - Mobile Application Development Training

Developed by key industry experts and leveraging the renowned Wiley knowledge repository, the WCMAD Program modules will help you build the skills expected in a Mobile Apps Development specialist, thoroughly conversant with techniques to develop user-centric, efficient, profitable, and enterprise-level applications.

Module Details

  • Module duration: 10 hours of learning and assessments, 5 hours of Lab work
  • Project duration: 10-15 hours depending on participant's expertise
  • - Module 1: Beginning Mobile Application Development
    - Module 2: Basic Mobile Application Development Using HTML5
    - Module 3: Advanced Mobile Application Using HTML5
    - Module 4: Developing Cross-Platform Applications
    - Module 5: Developing Basic Android Applications
    - Module 6: Adding Functionalities in Android Applications
    - Module 7: Advanced Android Application Development
    - Module 8: Developing Basic Applications for the iOS Platform
    - Module 9: Diving Deep into iOS Application Development
    - Module 10: Taking your Applications to Production

Key Features of the Course

  • Mobile Application Development Training that provides acquaintance with the entire application development life cycle
  • Deep understanding of the application development for various platforms and systems including Android, iOS, HTML5 and cross-platform apps
  • Hands-on experience of installing and working with various development environments and tools

Eligibility for the Course

  • Engineering or MCA students
  • Graduates with programming background
  • Software developers and professionals willing to foray into Mobile Apps Development

Pre-Requisites for Attending the Course

  • Basic knowledge of Java, Java script, HTML
  • Familiarity with databases, tables, and fields

Course Resources

  • Course Study Resources
  • Lab Environment
  • Projects
  • Case Studies
  • Assessments
  • Videos

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Innovative and enterprise app design and development skills

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